Fado шрифт

Пример шрифта Fado #1
Пример шрифта Fado #2
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Информация о файле шрифта:

  • Версия:Version 1.001
  • Торговая марка:Fado is a trademark of Olga Umpeleva.
  • Компания:Olga Umpeleva
  • Дизайнер:Olga Umpeleva
  • Короткое описание:Copyright (c) 2017 by Olga Umpeleva. All rights reserved. Fado is a calligraphic typeface based on the broad nib calligraphy. It has a lot of alternates, ligatures, initial and final forms. The font has 3 sets of length and complexity of ascenders and descenders. It allows the user to chose the style: simple, with more complicated forms, with a lot of flourishes, and even mix all 3 styles.
  • Лицензия:As it is accepted in world practice, software distribution is carried out by a licensing agreement between the owner of the copyrights and the end users. A licensing agreement provides approved rights to use purchased software. First of all, it prohibits arbitrary copying of purchased programs and documentation. ABSTRACT - You have right to use this font on up to 5 workstations and one printer or other type of output devices, if you have not got Multiple license. - You have no right to share the font with service bureau, if you have not got special license. - You have no right to embed this font into document for commercial purposes without special license. - You have right to modify the font for internal usage only. - You may transfer this license to another company or person if you completely delete all copies of this font from your computer. In case of questions, please contact olga.umpeleva@gmail.com